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PHI Consulting is an international consulting company. We offer tailored niche services in Enterprise Internationalization, M&A, Corporate Finance, Governance, Tax&Legal. We target all the development phases of a company's life.

Our Values


Continuous attention
to customer needs so as to understand,
solve, and anticipate them


High quality service aimed
at consolidating customer relations
and market presence over time


Decision-making autonomy,
deemed to be essential
in value creation processes


Trust instilled
in all business relationships
between entrepreneurs and experts

"To survive all crises and undergo transformation one must have a strong respect for oneself. Thriving, not just surviving. Upholding one's values, aiming for excellence, being the protagonists of one's own future. And being endowed with strength: knowing how to gaze into the future, sacrifice now to be profitable tomorrow. It is necessary to properly understand the world. Discerning whose one's friends and enemies are, a quality called empathy."
(Jacques Attali)


Enterprise internationalization

Search for counterparts abroad, support during negotiations, support in entering new markets, research on local funding sources, locating and identifying on site professionals.

Mergers & Acquisition

Support for acquisitions, mergers, integrations, divestments, or reorganization, from greenfield (market/target research) to trading, closing, and management of post-closing cases.

Corporate Finance

Support in the structuring of corporate finance, during the search for funding sources, and in the analysis of the return on investment, the structure of financial flows, as well as programming and budgeting.

Corporate Governance

Study on the efficiency and effectiveness of individual and group corporate structures, domestic and foreign, support for risk prevention and settlement of issues related to administration and control.

Company valuation and expertise

Perform valuations of general corporate assets, individual assets, movable assets, and real estate assets, sworn affidavits, valuation documents, due diligence on third party valuations, and counter- valuations.

Support to Start-up companies

Examination of the entrepreneurial project and business model, business start-up planning and forecasting of reference drivers, drawing up of business plans, support in raising risk and debt capital and industrial partners.

Liquidation and business restructurings

Direct take-over of or supporting liquidation of companies or assets, assisting in preparatory activities to insolvency proceedings, drafting plans for corporate restructuring and turn-around.

Temporary Management Services

Taking on temporary assignments concerning general corporate governance and finance, administration and control to cover gaps in temporary unavailability of governance bodies.

Budgeting and management control

Drawing up of industrial plans, budgeting and forecasting, continuous updating, reporting and review of budget variance, implementation of computerized, semi-computerized, and manual management control systems.

Business Cases

Enterprise internationalization

Catering Services

Support for an Italian company during in-licensing of legacy brands in the catering sector and to be valued by penetrating the markets of Eastern Europe. Our role included the negotiation of the brands, identifying finance and foreign partners, and temporary management.

Mergers & Acquisition


Support for a multinational French offshoot in entering the Italian veterinary medicine market through the acquisition of a domestic target company. Starting from the greenfield (target search), we represented the buyer at all stages of negotiation and value definition, up to the closing phase.

Corporate Finance

Machine Tools – Industrial mechanics

Support to a Taiwanese-listed group for the purchase of a historic Italian company in the industrial mechanics sector, undergoing insolvency proceedings. We acted as representatives of the foreign group, negotiating asset acquisition holding temporary management roles during the re-start phase of the activities.

Corporate Governance

Call & Contact Center

Support for a Bulgarian-Italian-Swiss business process outsourcing in redefining corporate governance as a result of business combinations aimed at consolidating work processes, and the simultaneous divestment of assets no longer considered relevant in terms of creating value in the MLT.

Company valuation and expertise

Pasta production

Preparation for a Spanish multinational venture of the investment valuation report concerning a business line for the production of pasta by an Italian company in an arrangement with creditors. Support in negotiations for the purchase and retrieval of business financing.

Support to start-up companies


Support for an electrical operator's investment in the capitalization of two startups providing reseller services and digital marketing.

Liquidation and business restructurings

Signature property developments

Acting as the liquidator of real estate companies for transfers of assets and the simultaneous definition of outstanding bank debt. Development of an MT liquidation plan, out-of-court debt negotiation with bank institutions, in bonis liquidation of business activities.

Temporary Management Services


Assumption on behalf of the Italian Court of a temporary assignment regarding the management of an in bonis construction company, within the context of the bankruptcy of a Group. Continuation of construction activities and subsequent support to the bankruptcy trustee during the transfer of the company's equity to third-party national builders.

Budgeting and management control


Development of a multi-year industrial plan to support the development and growth of an Italian company operating in the field of predictive genetic testing. Periodic review of the balance sheet and income statements, and support in the implementation and execution of management control.



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